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Holotna offers unique games for players all around the globe.


The Balcony

'The Balcony' is a challenging, yet satisfying physics based game. The game consists of two game types; the campaign and the zombie mode.


'Cubetron' is an intense game which utilizes colors. The game gets more fast paced over time requiring fast reaction and accuracy in order for the cube to stay in one piece. Your goal is to achieve as many points as possible by growing and maintaining your combo.

RPG Food & Drinks Pack

'RPG Food & Drinks Pack' contains 15 eatable and drinkable models with textures. Every model has 4 stages. For example, on every stage a dose of beer is drunk from the jug leaving an empty jug on its final stage.

Our company was founded in autumn 2017 by three brothers.


Cubetron: Released We released our intensive mobile game on Google Play Store.
Game development tutorials in Finnish We started to create Finnish game development videos.
Changes in our company form Holotna's corporate form changed from partnership to limited company.